Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Norsat introduces Sentinel RMC for oil, gas industry

Good news for the oil and gas industry: Canada-based Norsat International Inc. rolled out its new M2M (machine to machine) solutions line. Sentinel RMC is the company’s first product and is an all-inclusive equipment and data as a service package delivering global, remote site data monitoring and control in real time through the use of flexible communication services and an intuitive, web-based interface that improves user’s experience.

Sentinel RMC is currently designed for down hole well monitoring applications, but Norsat is expecting M2M Solutions to be utilized for any application that requires real time data monitoring and control.

The new product also includes a ruggedized remote terminal unit (RTU), consisting of a data storage unit, an integrated processor, and various inputs and outputs that serve a general purpose and are capable of delivering advanced data management and control. Sentinel RMC can also provide connectivity from any point around the world by using communication service options, like cellular, satellite, terrestrial and point to point microwave -- using the most economical service for the customer’s application and location.

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